IGNIS Forensic Fire Investigations and Prevention

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IGNIS Forensic Fire Investigations and Prevention

K-9 Accelerant and Electrical Detection

K-9 assistance is not just for suspected arsons. K-9 Accelerant Detection should be considered for all fire/explosion investigations. If someone is facing criminal charges, or having a claim denied, it is incumbent upon the investigator to utilize all tools available to them.

The use of K-9 Accelerant Detection for the purpose of improving the investigation of fires and particularly in the collection of samples for laboratory analysis is invaluable to forensic fire and explosion investigators. Samples of fire debris collected as the result of a properly trained K-9's indication have a high probability of being confirmed as positive for ignitable liquids.

The Versatility of K-9 Accelerant Detection

  • Searching Buildings of all Occupancies

    K-9 Accelerant Detection can be used to search fire and explosion scenes involving any type of occupancy.

  • Area Searches for Discarded Evidence

    This can be done off lead to cover a large area in very little time.

  • Inspection of Investigator's Tools

    The K-9 can search the investigator's tools before and after the investigation to mitigate contamination issues.

  • Vehicle Fires

    K-9 Accelerant Detection will locate volatile liquids, however the investigator must put this information in context of the scene.

  • Suspect Searches

    K-9 Accelerant Detection can be used to search a suspect's vehicle, clothing or residence; where Statute permits.